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Bolt Amplification


BOLTâ„¢ Guitar Amplifiers, which are designed and built in the U.S.A., feature a whole new level of control over tone and volume. Bolt does this by incorporating a computer chip that controls the preamp and power amp tubes so they operate at cranked amp tone no matter what volume, tone, clean or distortion settings the guitarist selects. This is similar to the computer chip in a car's engine, which continually monitors and adjusts the spark and fuel/air mix to greatly improve engine performance at all RPMs. With this system, BOLT amps are not one trick ponies, but instead are able to create any tube amp sound for any music genre and player style.

Then there is BOLT Amps' simple and intuitive knob interface on each channel which features key innovations, such as unique selectable Voicings and Active/Passive Tone Controls. These features allow the user to create a radically wide range of tube tones covering everything from crisp phat clean tones to ultra saturated distortion.